Show Flow

Thanks for being a guest on the Imagined Here podcast! Below are the general questions you will be asked in your Skype interview. We may deviate a little bit from this list or ask some follow-up questions, but in general these are the kinds of questions you will be asked. 

We really like stories! So when you're asked about a moment you failed or a moment you really felt like you made it... take us to that exact moment! Tell us what happened and how you felt. Our listeners have been there too and your story will help inspire them to conquer their fears and start to create. 

- Tell us a little about your personal life and what you create.

- How did you get started?

- What held you back from starting and how did you conquer that roadblock?

- What's the best advice you've been given?

- Tell us about the one time you really failed.

- Tell us about your "ah-hah" or "I made it" moment.

- What projects are you working on now?

- What are you excited to create in the future?

- Who has influenced you?

- What book would you recommend to our listeners?

- What's the best physical gift you've received or given under $100?

- What is your favorite venue (gallery, bar, location to shoot, play music, etc.) in the area?

- Tell us about the gear you use today. (Provide us with links in the pre-interview information. Amazon links preferred.)

- If you started over today, how would you begin? Go in-depth.

- Please give us your parting guidance, and how fans can connect with you.