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Mariah Danielson - Wander Design Company
Mariah Danielson is the owner of Wander Design Company, a boutique design studio for the adventurers, dreamers and doers, based out of Eldridge, Iowa. Mariah and her husband also own Post Monroe Supply which offers handcrafted woodworking, apparel, candles and others good as well as unique antique items picked in her travels.
Angela Meyer - Country Music Artist
Angela Meyer is a full-time singer, songwriter and guitar player from McCausland, Iowa. Her debut album, Consequence, was released in 2018 and she continues to perform live at venues all over the Midwest as well as nationally on the Cowboy Poetry & Western Music circuits. Angela gives us a look into her influences, the full-time music industry, the process to record an album, and offers some good advice to anyone looking to start playing music, or stepping out full-time.
Kory Helgens - Spring Run Design
Kory Helgens is the owner of Spring Run Design based out of Marion, Iowa which creates handcrafted woodworking pieces and is also a outdoor lifestyle apparel brand. The creation of Spring Run Designs is a unique story centered around two actual storms, one which began Kory's woodworking career, and another bolt of lightning which could have ended his life but instead launched a part of the business.
Pete Damiano - Home Brewed Band
Pete Damiano is the lead vocalist, harmonica player and band manager of the band Home Brewed based out of Iowa City, Iowa. Home Brewed plays mostly fundraising events for local non-profit organizations and has helped to raise over $300,000 in the past 5 years. Pete is also the Director of the Public Policy Center for the University of Iowa, and Professor in the College of Dentistry, and is a practicing dentist. Pete has a lot going on and a lot of wisdom to share with us!
Lynne Thomas - Barnstorm Coffee
Lynne Thomas of Riverside, Iowa is the owner of Barnstorm Coffee, a mobile pop-up espresso shop serving Eastern Iowa. Lynne hammers home that no matter what age we are it's not too late to step out and begin to create something new. She gives us some great insight on getting started in really any business and also shares some local groups and businesses that helped Barnstorm Coffee get their start.
Kristin Vaughn - Hillside Studio
Kristin Vaughn is the owner of Hillside Studio in Ely, Iowa which makes handcrafted jewelry and other accessories to brighten the world. Kristin offers us a look at building her company, her thoughts on starting with an Etsy store, details on the monthly stud club, being featured on a Joanne Fabric video during a retreat, why you should start creating right now, and building her own makers community.