Be a guest on the Imagined Here podcast!

Who we want to interview - If you create something unique (author, musician, artist, photographer, brewer, chef, etsy maker, etc.) and you live in the area (southeast or east-central Iowa, northeast Missouri, or west-central Illinois) then we want to talk to you! Please send us a quick email at with a little information about yourself and what you create.

Quick and easy process, please take a moment to read! - We've tried making this as painless as possible, just follow these few steps after you've been accepted as a guest by either emailing us, or we may have contacted you.

1. Please sign the Imagined Here guest agreement, which also includes giving us your Skype ID, a link to where you would like your fans to follow you, and links to gear you use so we can include in your show notes.

2. We'll reach out to schedule a date and time for your interview. The interview typically takes around a half an hour, give or take a few.

3. Email us or dropbox us 2 photos that we can use to help promote your interview to If you want to gives us rights to use any of your music or other materials you can send those as well!

4. Review the current show flow page before your interview so you know what questions are typically asked. Your interview may vary slightly from this flow, but it is a general guideline.

5. At the agreed upon time and date of your interview we will give you a call on Skype, test some sound levels, and record your interview. When your interview is posted live we will notify you so if you wish to share it with your fans you can do so. If you don't have Skype it is free and simple to setup.

That's about it. Drop us an email and let's get started. We look forward to having you on the show!